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Groove Manifesto is weekly e-zine focused on design, visual culture and new media. It's been published since May 2001 only in Bulgarian language.

Groove Manifesto tries to give another point of view. Or at least some point of view. That's its goal.

To accomplish this Groove Manifesto publishes on a regular basis various materials - articles, interviews, site & event reviews etc. (you can view short description of the site's sections in the menu above.

Groove Manifesto also organizes Groove Workshops - events where people, involved in the creation of the new media can meet, talk, and solve their problems.

Part of Groove Manifesto is a data base with links to significant people, organizations, events and resources in Bulgaria and all around the world.

Groove Manifesto tries to entertain and bring pleasure to all the people that take part in it. Groove Manifesto embraces all its friends and will turn all its enemies to ash.

If you need to get in touch with us - don't hesitate to use the form on the right side of the page.

About the name

Groove Manifesto does not mean anything at all. It's just a name for a site.